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How To Stay Productive All Day

A truly productive routine means you achieve regardless of your energy levels, and end each day feeling fulfilled.

But how do you create a routine like this?

1. Identify your strengths and drainers

Exploring your strengths and drainers is the first step in creating a routine to be more productive.

😃  Your strengths - Activities you do often, enjoy and are good at. More importantly they energise you and put you in a flow state where you don't notice the time passing.

😪 Your drainers - Activities you might be good at but you don't enjoy. They most likely lead to boredom and procrastination.

2. Track your energy levels

Throughout your day, we all have peaks and dips in our energy levels. Over a day check in and note them down.

3. Plan your day

Now is the time to match your strengths and drainers, with your energy levels. When your energy is high, choose a drainer. When it’s low, select a strength which will re-energise you.

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Adam Ellison

Adam Ellison

The founder and course mentor at The Monday Morning Club

This article was updated on May 27, 2022